NEW PUBLICATION:  The special monograph volume of the ISA journal CURRENT SOCIOLOGY, Vol. 63, no. 2, March 2015 edited by Markus S. Schulz on the theme Future Moves in Culture, Society and Technology is now available in print.  Forward-oriented sociology explores the trends, processes, and forces that shape futures from tiny micro situations of every-day life to the broad macro dynamics of an increasingly globalized planet. It analyzes the assumptions in the discourses about the future, its risks and opportunities that limit or expand social imagination. Listening not only to elites but also to subaltern actors challenges technocratic closures and uncovers alternative possibilities. The concern for the future was once at the core of sociological endeavors but it had been marginalized by one-sided professionalization. Theoretical and methodological innovations allow the future moves needed for the renewal of sociology’s public relevance. This special monograph volume presents contributions from nine countries around the world.

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